Divorce Information for Wives

sneiderman-divorce-icon-redEven if they’re financially secure, many women come in for their initial consultation with their divorce attorney worried and uncertain about their future. Lisa’s goal is to lay out a path that makes the future predictable for her clients. As a woman and a mother, she can relate to the demands placed on you and will fight for everything you deserve.

The most gratifying part for me is watching a wife I represent emerge from this uncertain time as a more confident, self-motivated, decisive person. As a divorce attorney, I do everything I can to help my female clients reach that outcome.


Ohio Divorce Law for Wives: The Basics



  • If you are the primary breadwinner, Lisa sets out to ensure you can keep as much of your earnings as possible while meeting the legal obligation to provide for your family. This means making sure that your spouse—even if he’s a stay-at-home parent—is contributing as much as he is able to after the divorce.
  • Wives who have contributed to the household in other ways—bringing in additional income, caring for the children, etc.—will likely be eligible for spousal and/or child support. As your divorce attorney, Lisa will help you get the maximum amount you’re entitled to so that you can afford to have your own household.
  • If you have children, Lisa will help you exercise your mothers’ rights to custody. Child support also applies in many cases.

However you contribute to your household, Lisa will strive to ensure you can live independently after your divorce, dissolution, collaborative divorce, or legal separation. As a wife, you’ll be confident that she can relate to you and your situation and will work toward your best possible outcome. Contact her today to schedule your free initial consultation.


Ohio Divorce Law for Wives: Did You Know?

You don’t have to wait until your divorce is finalized to receive spousal and/or child support. Under Ohio law, you can file for temporary support to help cover the cost of living during this interim time period.