Sneiderman Divorce Law Testimonials

“I came to Lisa years after my divorce was final. My original lawyer hadn’t wrapped up all the loose ends, and I was suddenly facing a huge financial debt. Upon our first meeting, I knew Lisa was the expert I was seeking. She is a voice of reason and sound legal advice. She expertly guided and supported me through the legal process, and I always knew what to expect because she would patiently explain to me every step and outcome. Lisa’s confidence and knowledge in court was outstanding, and the outcome of my case was better than I ever expected it could be.”

—K. P.


“Going through a divorce is a difficult experience for anyone. Because of her caring and empathetic nature, Lisa was able to make this a bearable process for me. She never made me feel that I was just another client. Her genuine warmth and professionalism made it easy to talk through stressful situations. She made sure that the outcome of my divorce was in my and my children’s best interest.”

—L. D.


“Lisa recently represented me in a collaborative divorce. I felt confident going into each meeting because I knew she’d be supporting me with her legal expertise and genuine concern for my well-being. She advised me when to hold firm and when to give a bit, always working to achieve a peaceful solution that would meet my needs. I wouldn’t say my divorce wasn’t fun, but the ride was a lot better with Lisa by my side.”

—S. E.


“I was looking for a divorce attorney who could provide me with not only excellent legal advice but also strength and hope during a difficult life transition. Lisa offers the perfect balance of compassion for her client and competence in the courtroom. I could always count on her organization and preparedness through each step of the process. Lisa was also able to help me be awarded a fair amount of child support, even in the face of much opposition. I am so appreciative to have Lisa in my corner.”

—K. T.