Initial Consultation

Are you and Lisa a good attorney-client fit? Discovering that is what the initial consultation is all about. 


In this meeting—held in person, if possible—divorce attorney Lisa Sneiderman will ask you to share the story of your marriage and how you got to where you are. Based on this, she will identify issues she should be able to resolve easily as well as hot buttons that may require more negotiation. Knowing this information allows her to be the best possible advocate for you.

The initial consultation is also your opportunity to ask questions of Lisa, so you will feel confident having her as your divorce attorney.

Once you’ve both agreed that Lisa will represent you, the strategizing begins. As Lisa asks for your input on decisions made in the initial consultation meeting (such as choosing collaborative divorce, dissolution, divorce, or legal separation), you’ll see how your partnership will work.

Before you leave this meeting, you’ll understand the plan, its timing, and the next steps toward ending your marriage. By making the process predictable, Lisa removes the fear and allows you to focus on starting the rest of your life.

Contact Lisa today to schedule your free initial consultation.