Ohio Divorce Done Right

sneiderman-divorce-law-icon-redAs your divorce lawyer, Lisa Sneiderman strives to get you through your Ohio divorce as quickly and with as little drama as possible.

I’m a zealous advocate for my clients, but I take a more cooperative approach to divorce, resolving whatever issues we can in pretrial negotiations. This leaves my clients in the best place emotionally and financially when the divorce is finalized, and that’s always my goal.


Ohio Divorce: The Basics



  • The divorce lawyer for the plaintiff (the person who initiates the divorce) files a complaint for divorce with the court.
  • The plaintiff must have lived in Ohio for 6 months and the county in which the complaint is filed for 90 days immediately before that complaint is filed.
  • The complaint must include grounds for divorce, such as incompatibility or adultery, that the state of Ohio recognizes as a legal basis for divorce.
  • The defendant is notified of the filing and has 28 days to respond. The defendant—either alone or with the help of a divorce lawyer—can accept the terms or contest them and can file a counterclaim for divorce.
  • If the defendant doesn’t respond in 28 days, the divorce is considered uncontested. A hearing is scheduled, and the judge will grant the divorce if he or she determines the terms of the separation agreement are fair, just, and equitable.
  • If the defendant responds and agrees to the terms of the divorce, the divorce is considered uncontested here as well. A hearing is scheduled, and the judge will grant the divorce if he or she determines the terms are fair, just, and equitable.
  • If the defendant contests the divorce and/or files a counterclaim, the contested divorce process begins.

A contested divorce consists of pretrial hearings that lead to a final trial before a judge. Lisa uses the pretrial hearings as opportunities to resolve issues such as child custody and property division. Anything that can be agreed upon during the pretrials means less involvement of the judge at the end. You can reduce the costs and the conflict of even a contested divorce when your divorce attorney takes this approach.

Of course, every divorce is different, and some require a full trial. No matter what your situation, Lisa will work to secure the best results. Contact her for your free consultation today.


Ohio Divorce: Did You Know?

Pursuing a divorce through the courts offers protection that collaborative divorce or dissolution does not. With the court’s involvement, your divorce lawyer can protect you and your assets—through a temporary restraining order, for instance—and compel discovery. If you distrust your spouse for any reason, a divorce is the right course for you.