Ohio Dissolution of Marriage

sneiderman-divorce-icon-redFor many couples in Ohio, dissolution of marriage is a good alternative to divorce. In a dissolution, both parties agree to have their attorneys negotiate the terms to end their marriage instead of asking the court to make the decisions.

Even though we’re all working toward the same goal here, I aggressively negotiate to reach the best agreement I can for my client. The good-faith offers I present form the foundation for an efficient and successful dissolution.


 Ohio Dissolution of Marriage: The Basics



  • For a marriage to end through dissolution, both parties have to agree to terminate the marriage and both have to appear at the final hearing.
  • They also must have lived in Ohio for 6 months before the petition for dissolution is filed.
  • Ideally, each spouse has a dedicated divorce attorney to ensure that they are well represented and that the agreements are fair. One attorney can’t represent both sides in a dissolution of marriage.
  • Financial and custody agreements are created through open exchange of information and negotiation between the parties.
  • A successful dissolution of marriage ends with a short court hearing to confirm that those agreements are fair, just, and equitable. An Ohio judge then approves the terms and issues a court order to dissolve the marriage.

For a dissolution to work, both parties need to be able to communicate and want to negotiate. They also have to be willing to disclose everything they own and owe. In addition, both they and their lawyers must be committed to working honestly and in good faith.

When done right, dissolution can be a faster, less expensive, and more amicable way to end a marriage. If you’re considering a dissolution of marriage, schedule your free consultation today.


Ohio Dissolution of Marriage: Did You Know?

Neither party has to prove grounds—or a legal reason—to obtain an Ohio dissolution of marriage. Grounds are aggressive, fault-based reasons, and without the need to prove them in court, the marriage can end in a much more amicable way.