Fathers’ Rights in Ohio

sneiderman-divorce-law-icon-purpleOhio law used to favor the mother in custody situations, but today fathers’ rights are seen as equally important. The sex of the parent is no longer a factor in deciding what’s best for the child.

Because of the changes in the law, it is so much easier for me to get ‘fathers’ rights’ that go far beyond the court standard visitation schedule. If my clients are hands-on dads who want more time with their children, I will work to make that happen.


Fathers’ Rights in Ohio: The Basics



  • Mothers and fathers have equal rights to their children until a custody order is in place. You do not need to wait for the children’s mother to set the schedule for your time with your children.
  • To protect your custody rights as a father, it’s important to maintain as much contact as possible with your children throughout the legal process. This may mean staying in your current home until you have a temporary possession order or an order of temporary custody. Decreasing the time you normally spend with your children could work against you if custody is a contested issue.
  • If you have been your family’s primary breadwinner, your work likely demands much of your time. This doesn’t mean, however, that you should be viewed only as a “weekend father.” Following the current legal trend of shared parenting, Lisa strives to maximize your possession time with your child or children.
  • If you’ve been a stay-at-home dad, you should have the option to continue in that role. Lisa will advocate to keep the status quo and get you the financial support you need.

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Ohio Fathers’ Rights: Did You Know?

If you haven’t been a stay-at-home dad or the primary caregiver, you may feel overwhelmed when your custody rights suddenly give you those responsibilities. Many resources—ranging from parenting coaches and counselors to free online family calendars—are available to help you succeed.